Big Buck GNCC 2023

And just like that, the off season is over and race season begins. I plan on chasing the full GNCC and NEPG schedule. Those who have been to a GNCC know but those who have not been, GNCC’s are total chaos. From the time you arrive to the time you leave, does not matter if you are spectating or not.

I arrived on Friday to help properly manage on the chaos. haha. I made my rounds talking to customers and friends. I usually bike on Friday but decided to let my hand rest. Saturday rolls around and after the PM quad race, I go ebike the track. While ebiking, a kid crosses the track on a blind corner and I did not see him resulting in me hitting him. We both laid on the ground for a bit but are ok, just bruised up.

I was nervous for the race come Sunday. I usually do not have a huge problems with nerves but I did this time. Conditions were perfect and the weather was nice. My bike did not fire right away off the line and half my class was almost to the first corner. When it did finally start, I went to the first corner, full gas and no brakes. I came in so hot, I was unsure if I would take out my entire class or actually make the corner lol. No one went down and I made a few passes before the woods. We caught up to the end of the next class fairly quickly. I would say not even a mile in. So it came down to who can pass the trail traffic the quickest. I ended up getting taken out by one of the guys which is pretty normal. I got back up and caught back up and was still in a battle. On the second lap, I messed up on a hill, losing a decent amount of time and losing my rear brakes. I practice without rear brakes so this was not a huge deal. On the last lap, I clipped a tree, shoving my handguard into my throttle tube causing my throttle stick. This was not a good scenario. I decided it was in my best interest to wait until I could find someone with tools. I finally got someone to stop with tools and got my handguard out of my throttle. I also noticed, I had a stick stuck in my rear brake pedal which is why I had no rear brakes. I got everything situated and finished the race. Ultimately, a very frustrating weekend but you can only control what you can control. I know where I am at and my results did not show it. I am fired up for some Florida sand and looking forward to the next one in a few weeks!

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