Gobbler Getter National Enduro 2020

Gobbler Getter National Enduro 2020

Last weekend we traveled to Alabama for the Gobbler Getter National Enduro. Plantersville, AL was in the path for the hurricane earlier in the week. Not a lot of rain fell but lots of debris and tress. Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club worked countless hours to fix the trail, clean it up, re-arrow, and give us an EPIC RACE! The hard work is greatly appreciated, not all clubs would put a race before their own needs. THANK YOU!


The weather was absolutely beautiful, 70’s and sunshine! Dirt was brownie mix with a side of sand. Traction was the best in months. Fast, flowy, tight, hills, off cambered slopes – a big ball of FUN!

I have been recovering from an ankle dislocation but I decided to go ahead and race. Boy oh boy, I am glad I did!

Test 1 was the shortest of the day. It was pretty fast and flowed well. Sandy sections scattered throughout.


Test 2 was a little rougher. It had hill climbs and exposed roots but flowed well and was fun. I felt really good in the first part, until I had a mishap. I was going up a hill and hit a root. The rear of the bike kicked me so hard and threw me off the bike. It was almost in slow motion. I knew it was happening but couldn’t do anything to stop it. It hurt. When I finally gathered myself, I realized my bike was stuck in a vine off the trail. I thought, oh great. I finally got it out but ended up dropping it in basically the middle of the trail. I then had to wait until there was not any one coming in order to get it picked up. I lost a ton of time but I was finally on my way. I instantly knew my front end was tweaked so I stopped and hit it on a tree to try to fix it. That did not do the trick so I rode it as is. It caused a few more wrecks but nothing like that first one. I had it fixed before I headed to test 3.

By this time, I was really aching. I was not really sure where or why but it was my back/shoulder area along with a big hobble. Test 3 was a lot better for me. I took it down a notch and tried not to hit roots that hard. This section was similar to 3 except it had a lot more off cambered slopes and some tricky areas. I did not wreck at all.


Test 4 had some mud. I avoided all the mud holes and ruts clean and did not get stuck at all. I did have a fella get stuck in front of me and I got hammered. My head felt like it weighed 50lbs. So hard to keep it lifted up. I stopped a few times trying to unload some of the mud that had been roosted on me. I was not a happy camper at all but that is racing.

Test 5 was tighter than the others but was still fun.

Considering, I felt like I had a decent day. I finished 5th in Womens Elite.

Great job to the other Bonecutter Off Road Beta & Sherco racer’s!

A 250 – Huck Jenkins 6th (BETA)

A 200 – Broc French 4th (BETA)

A +40 – Steve Leivan 1st (SHERCO)

A +50 – Steve Bonecutter 9th (SHERCO)

C +40 – Jeremy Harris 2nd (BETA)
Womens Elite – Tayler Bonecutter 5th (BETA)
Womens Amateur – Kylie Harris 4th (BETA)


Photo Credits: Kenny King


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