2020 Sherco 450 SEF Factory Review

2020 Sherco 450 SEF Factory Review

We are not sure why there has not been much interest in the bigger bore Sherco’s. Steve Bonecutter’s first ride impressions:

The Sherco 450 SEF Factory does not feel any heavier than a 300, which already feels light! The power is very manageable but if you want to go, it goes! The 450 does have a ton more power than the 300 but again, it is controllable. In stock form, the rear shock is perfect. The faster you go, the better the KYB front forks feel. It feels effortless to work the bike through the tight stuff. Overall, this 2020 Sherco 450 SEF is incredible!


Steve’s first race on the Sherco 450 SEF Factory went well. He raced a stacked A class finishing 8th. The series he raced, usually has a lot of lap traffic issues which can be extra tough to get through them on single track. On this 450, all you have to do is point it in a direction, hold onto the bars, and give it throttle. It will go and do whatever you want. Need to bull doze a new line to get around a pile up? Easily accomplished on the bike.

The rear shock worked awesome in the Missouri rocky terrain. The rear shock stock spring rate is .44 and the front forks 5.0 Which is the appropriate springs for him. Stock valving is a little stiff in the rockier, slower terrains. Plus, Steve is a “I like my front forks feeling like I am riding in marshmallows”, type of guy!

In a 2 hour race, Steve was not extra wore from the added power. It simply is that controllable not to mention it always seems to be in the correct gear. It did not overheat or stall.

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