2020 Sherco Product Launch

2020 Sherco Product Launch

Last week was the Sherco 2020 product launch. My dad, Steve Leivan, and I attended along with a select few who got to ride the only Sherco 2020’s in the states! Ryan Young Products took over the Sherco enduro range in the United States a few months ago and is now moving forward as Sherco USA! Good news, this week roughly ninety 2020 Sherco 300 Factory’s 4T and 2T are arriving! So be on the lookout to see these beauty’s in person soon.


First ride impressions:

My two favorite bikes were the Sherco 125 Racing (even after having one of the hardest wrecks ever it’s still one of my top picks) and the Sherco 250 SE Factory. The 125 was a running machine. You could hardly tell it was a 125 by the amount of power it had. Lightweight and loads of torque made this an all-around fun dirt bike along with being by far the easiest 125 to ride. The Sherco 250 SE is a strong running machine. It wants to go fast and hop over rocks. The faster I went on the better the entire bike as a whole felt. Stock KYB suspension worked remarkable compared to other stock suspensions I have tried. The 250 was very peppy but still a manageable power that could go fast if you want but also slow with lugging capabilities. I also hopped on the 250 SEF Factory. The power is there and smooth but I am not a four stroke person whatsoever.

My dad, Steve, top picks were the 250 SEF Factory and the 250 SE Factory. Both these bikes are equipped with KYB suspension. Steve noticed at slower speeds, it felt stiff but the faster you went the more awesome they got. The 250 four stroke had plenty of useable power and ran well. This is a lightweight 4 stroke that holds the standard the well sought after Sherco 300 SEF has set. So, if the 300 is a bit too much for you, the 250 is exceptional! Steve’s thoughts on the 250 two stroke was about the same as mine. He made a point to go slow on it and the throttle response was great. A little burp of the throttle instantly made the bike easily hop over logs and other obstacles!


Steve Leivan’s top picks were the 300 SE Factory and 500 SEF Factory. Leivan has never been a huge 300 two stroke fan because his riding style likes a bike that can pull him out of a corner. After riding the new 2020 Sherco 300 SE Factroy, he was highly impressed. The bike has a similar feel to that of a 250 2T, but with more power available. The 500 was just an all-around impressive machine with had loads of power. Leivan also stated, the Sherco 125 was a fun bike to rip and made him feel like a kid again!

Sherco in the USA is heading in the direction of growth! Lot’s of bikes will be available throughout the year. As of now, we have Sherco 300 SE and 300 SEF Factory’s coming in the next few weeks. In a month or so, you will find a Sherco 250 SEF Factory sitting on the floor. After riding all the bikes, we will be ordering a Sherco 250 SE. We plan to also pick up the Sherco trials bike line. Be on the lookout for these amazing machines hitting our floors soon. In the meantime, we do have two 2019 Sherco 300 SEF Racing sitting on the showroom floor.



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