6th Annual Girls Ride Weekend

6th Annual Girls Ride Weekend

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Girls weekend - to learn, gain confidence, and ride dirt bikes 💁🏼‍♀️

How did girls weekend start?

A group of girls got together for a full weekend of riding and working on our weaknesses. We came up with practice drills and worked hour after hour. That weekend Meg and I put 13 hours on our bikes. It was EPIC. We developed more skills during the weekend and also all became a lot closer to each other. Friendships that will forever.

The goal of this weekend is to encourage and help fellow women riders. I want to show them if the work is done, anything is possible, set huge goals, and work your butt off to get where you want to be! Teaching is an empowering feeling. Brings me joy to show them through hard work and practice anything is obtainable. This is why I started my personal training business. I want to help others learn and maximize their protentional with anything. It's not just about dirt bikes but being better in general.

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This RAD weekend dedicated to the girls takes place every single year on Labor Day Weekend at Hardwood Hills Ranch in Mansfield, MO. ALL FEMALE RIDER'S ARE WELCOME!

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Since the first weekend, we have gotten 30+ girls for the last few years. We offer guided trail rides (for all skill levels), night rides, games, races, and skills clinics. We also have a ton of rad giveaways denoted by our sponsors. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned rider, everyone is welcome and we promise good times will be had!

Thanks to everyone who came out this year. I also wanna thank the people who help make this happen. Hardwood Hills Ranch for giving us a place to ride and camp every single year! Fly Racing for supporting the event with a bunch of rad giveaways and making sure everyone goes home with something. Fasst Company for supporting the event with a cool box of goodies and gift certificates for the best products on the planet! Megan Kennon for always being the host and bringing us together. Bonecutter Off Road for donating giveaways.

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Girl Power ⚡️


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