Camp Coker GNCC 2022

Camp Coker GNCC 2022

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Last weekend, we headed back to South Carolina for round 5 of GNCC! Camp Coker has landed in one of my top favorite races so far this year, lots of sand, occasional mud hole, dirt, rough, and even had single track that reminded me of an enduro! It was RAD! Conditions were pretty primo with beautiful temperatures.

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We headed out Thursday night and drove all through the night and arrived around 3PM on Friday… it was a haul. We Ebiked the track Friday and it was probably the fastest I have gone on that bicycle since I have gotten it… AND I only wrecked one time!

Saturday was extra windy and chilly so I hung out by the fire pit most of the day. I guess a LARGE rattlesnake was pulled out of the woods during the ATV race. Talk about sketchy! I decided to partially bike the track after the PM ATV race. At that point, it was obvious conditions were going to be rough on Sunday.

The sun came out on Sunday and it was 50 degrees when I lined up! It was super nice. I did not have a great start and entered into the woods towards the end of the pack. First lap is always about surviving the chaos. I focused on some small adjustments with my riding and focusing on myself and not all the madness around me. Lap 2 and 3, I had some epic battles with a couple girls in my class. We went back and forth multiple times throughout each lap. I held the throttle open longer and hit the brakes later to seal the deal. Towards the end of lap 3, I got around both girls and never seen them again!

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A big improvement for me on this race was making it onto the lead lap! Kailub Russel and Zach Osborn raced in the AM and WXC had a bounty to catch them guys, so every one was on the rails! So, lead lap at this race was HUGE!

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I finished P9 in open women’s and 121 O/A – A step in the right direction, we will keep pushing forward!

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Congratulations to Steve Leivan on his first-place finish, even after getting stuck. Morgan Johnson put together a solid ride on her Beta 125 finishing 13th. Colton Pratt had a rear brake pedal mishap but still finished the race.

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Big thanks to the Matteson’s for getting me to the race, letting me sleep in the RV, and helping me in the pit!

I would also like to thank:

My parents

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