Common questions I get asked about Beta and Sherco:

Common questions I get asked about Beta and Sherco:

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Q: Are parts hard to get?

A: No! OEM parts are super easy to get. I can have parts from Beta in 5 days and Sherco in 3 days. Added bonus – as a family of avid racer’s we stock everything we have ever needed. There are also plenty accessories available. The key is to go to the dealer and not shop online with other retailers.

Q: Beta is made by KTM, right?

A: NO, absolutely not! Beta is their own engine, air filter, plastics, etc… Here is the fun fact of the day: In 1994, Beta was interested in purchasing the design of a 50cc engine with six gears. At the time, Beta already had a 50cc engine with an automatic transmission, KTM took interest in this. Thus, the start of working together. Beta helped develop and assemble over 6,000 engines for 85cc and 105cc for KTM and Husqvarna. At the Betamotor factory, an assembly line was dedicated to the Austrian’s. The agreement with KTM gave Beta great training for the future. In 2004, another agreement was signed. The Austrian company would supply the Italian company exclusively with enduro engines of various displacements. KTM has never granted this with anyone else. It was a key factor for Beta to get their enduro models on the market. By 2009, Beta started making their own engine for 350CC and up. Beta has designed and developed THEIR OWN ENGINE after 2009.

Q: I have never heard of Sherco, did they just start making bikes?

A: Sherco is an independent brand that was founded in 1998. Sherco is not owned by any other bike manufacture.

Q: I don’t want to drive to my dealer to get parts, what should I do?

A: Ask your dealer if they will ship. If not, we ship anywhere in the United States. We are located in the mid-west and can get parts (if in stock, we have 2,500+ items) to most customers in 2-6 days.

Q: I do not want a non-kickstart bike.

A: Most new bikes of all brands are electric start only. Beta has a solid electric start and we have never had a failure. On a Beta, you have the option of adding a kickstart. We have never personally had a problem with a Sherco either. Most fails, are self-inflected. Check your batteries.

Q: I do not want to be on a brand this going to just disappear.

A: Beta has been around for over a century, since 1904 to be exact and is still family owned. Sherco is family owned too. We feel confident neither of them are going anywhere.

Q: Do these bikes have a lot of issues?

A: No. Take care of the bike and the bike will take care of you. It is that simple.


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