Do you avoid hard things?

Do you avoid hard things?

Fun fact - I used to be a hater of the sand.

I would purposely avoid it because it was hard and my performance in it lacked.

Did that make me better, no. Was I taking the easy way, yes.

The easy way leads to mediocrity, not growth.

But what happens when you do the hard things? Growth, improvement, self-confidence, and ultimately happiness.

The hard things are what you need most to reach the next step.

I have my discipline to a point where, I do the hard things, the things I hate.

Change your perspective and crave those ass kicker sessions!

It’s not about avoiding the struggle but developing the ability to thrive in it.

A friend once told me, “if you can go fast and ride well in sand, you can do that anywhere”.

My skill set was not sand, I mean I live in the middle of MISSOURI! But I have spent many weekends in the sand box and now I have a strong skill set.

What do you struggle with and purposely avoid?

Chances are you need to work at it.


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