Hot & Hydrated

Hot & Hydrated

Welcome to the dog days of summer! I try to not complain about the heat since I am anti-winter and 50 degrees is too cold but it does make riding dirt bikes a tad bit more difficult. Here are some tips to survive the baking sun.

HYDRATE! Lay off the beer and soda the week before a race. Try to consume lots of water throughout the day even if you are not outside in the heat. Hydrating for a race starts before the weekend. On race/riding weekend drink plenty of water before starting. Camelback is not a bad idea either. It is important to have a “sports drink” that has electrolytes along with some complex carbohydrates in it to replenish nutrients loss over excessive riding in the heat. Avoid all sugary drinks. Ryno Power Hydration Fuel fits into this category and is safe for kids.

NUTRITION! This all depends on the type of person you are and what your body handles. In the heat, I work better with smaller meals and snacks. Fruit is a must! Of course, there’s more but I won’t bore you with what my diet/nutrition plan looks like.

LIGHT GEAR! Lots of companies release summer gear that is a lot more vented. I like to use Fly Kinetic Mesh when it is steamy out.


If it is not a race and just a riding adventure, start the days EARLY, get up with the sun! I promise, it is a lot cooler outside before 9 AM. Plus, the views are worth it! Along with the feeling of accomplishment before most people are awake.

WATCH YOURSELF AND OTHERS! Pay attention to how you feel. If you are experiencing symptoms of dehydration and other heat related issues, get help, go to a cool place. Lookout for the people around you, they may not know what is going on.


REPLINISH! & REPLINISH SOME MORE! I cannot stress this enough. I like to be ready to get back to normal training practices as soon as possible! The muscles in your body cannot heal without replenishing what was lost in sweat and activity. After racing or a hard ride, I follow up with a protein shake and carbohydrates. So, it is protein powder, Ryno Power Carbo Fuel, water, and ICE. This helps the body know it is time to start healing the muscles.

You can be the fittest person out there or work in the heat all the time but that does not eliminate the heat related risks. STAY HYRDATED & HAVE FUN!


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