MORE Hoot Owl Ridge 2019

MORE Hoot Owl Ridge 2019

Round 3 of the MORE took place this past weekend in Hughesville, MO! Things have finally started to dry out in Missouri and less rain storms going on which mean two things; the dirt was primo or dusty. Let’s just say the dirt was way more on the primo side! Temperatures were a little hotter than any of the other races yet this year, highs in the 90’s and heat index into the 100’s. Staying hydrated before hand and during the weekend was key.


Saturday the trail was roughly 4 miles with a little bit of everything in it, long creek section, rocks, hero dirt, itty bitty logs, hills. It was a great combo and kept ya on your toes. In the sportsman race, I got off to a not so great start. For the first 3 laps, we were in a group of four us constantly going back and forth. I finally made the pass on two of the guys and got back up to the next place guy. We might of bumped in the field so I had in my head I was going to pass this dude. We came up to a short creek section with three lines to enter. He took the middle and I took the by far fastest line and jumped into the creek ahead of him. Since I knew the pass was a done deal with no contact, I roosted the shit out of him to return the bumping favor earlier. My heart rate was extremely high the entire race with an average of 174! That’s nuts. I finished 5th in Sportsman Intermediate.


The Ladies A race was on a 2 mile course that involved the faster and easier sections from the sportsman race. I recently purchased a Beta 125 with no intent to race it but to play on. I took it out on practice and had a blast. So, I decided to put my big girl panties on and race it. I was a little nervous about the start, I have never done a dead engine start on a kick start only bike. Like I don’t even know what to do lol. Anyways, it started first kick and I pulled the holeshot. I focused on having fun and trying to make the bike sound good. I did not wreck or kill the bike the entire time but my clutching hand felt like it was going to fall off! I finished in 1st place and felt good on the 125. Some people stated, I definitely looked faster on it in the open stuff than on my 250 but need to dial in the more technical, slower riding. If you read my last blog post about the 125, it is crazy what a good set of tires can do to one’s confidence in a bike!


After Saturday’s races, I was wore out and exhausted from the heat! Sunday, the course was a little different than Saturdays, another section added in and ran the long creek section the opposite way. I had a better start than on Saturday but someone slid out in front of me so I fell further back in the pack. We had another train of us going for majority of the first lap but made a pass and it spaced us out a little. The second and third lap, there was three of us all together. I finally made a pass on a hill and caught back up to the guy’s that were in 3rd and 4th. I trailed him for awhile until I started to get tired and making more mistakes. I finished 5th in B long. It was a hot, brutal race both days and I looked forward to splashing in the creek every lap for a short lived cool down!

Great job to all the Bonecutter Off Road riders!


Sportsman Expert - Colton Pratt 3rd (Sherco)
Sportsman Expert - Chris Cassil 5th (Sherco)

Sportsman Expert - Steve Bonecutter 6th (Beta)

Sportsman Intermediate - Tayler Bonecutter 5th (Beta)

Sportsman Amateur - Chase Rothganger 8th (Beta)

Sportsman Amateur +40 - Philip Burger 4th (Beta)
Sportsman Amateur +40 - Steve Summers 8th (Beta)
Sportsman Amateur +40 - Mike Rothganger 9th (Beta)
Sportsman Amateur +40 - Rob Steele 12th (Beta)
Sportsman Amateur +40 - Randy Mittman 13th (Beta)

Ladies A - Tayler Bonecutter 1st (Beta)
Ladies B - Missy Bonecutter 2nd (Sherco)



Pro - Broc French 3rd (Beta)
A - Colton Pratt 1st (Sherco)

A - Steve Bonecutter 4th (Beta)
A - Chris Cassil 6th (Sherco)
B - Tayler Bonecutter 5th (Beta)

B+50 - Roger Mackay 2nd (Beta)

C - Chase Rothganger 9th (Beta)

C+40 - Travis Opie 5th (Sherco)

C+40 - Mike Rothganger 7th (Beta)

C+50 - Philip Burger 1st (Beta)

C+50 - Steve Summers 7th (Beta)
C+50 - Rob Steele 13th (Beta)
Ladies - Missy Bonecutter 2nd (Beta)


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