Overlooked Dirt Bike Riding Tips #2: It's not a fashion show

Overlooked Dirt Bike Riding Tips #2: It's not a fashion show

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If you are like me, you probably have been told “it’s not a fashion show”. To me, it absolutely is. I keep my bikes clean, looking good, and ready to ride. I also show up in good looking Fly Racing gear. It is important to me. But why?

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If you trust your dirt bike, you will be more confident. That means showing up to a race with maintenance performed, a clean bike, non-bald tire, decent brakes, basically, a ready to go bike! If your dirt bike looks good, you will be confident riding it. I may be a bit of a weirdo on this but I keep my bike cosmetically looking good. If the plastics and graphics start to look rough, I replace it. Having a bike that looks good, makes me feel ready to race. If you look good, you will feel good. Get yourself a set of gear that you can look in the mirror and think “dang, I look good and I am going to go kick some a$$!” Self-confidence leads to better performance and most importantly FUN. Self-confidence is the attitude about yourself and skills. Never overlook the minor details. They all add up.

If you’re not confident on the bike, are you giving yourself your best shot or just hoping for the best?


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