Overlooked Riding Tips #1

Overlooked Riding Tips #1

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Take the time to work on form. It may make you feel awkward, slower, or just out of the comfort zone but if you practice it, it will become second nature. When I first started, I constantly got told "you sit too much" and that annoyed the crap out of me. So, I worked on it until I started getting told, "wow you must have a core of steel to stand as much as you do." Over the more recent years, I focused more of the smaller details in riding form.

What is good form?

STAND UP, be on your toes, hinge at the hips, grip tightly with your legs, and be over the front of the bike. If you are over the front, you and the bike are moving forward together. If you have you arms stretched all the way out and your butt is on the rear fender, the bike wants to go forward but you are not ready to which results in losing time. Stay in attack position. Stay loose and not like a board, move with the bike.

Why does this concern you?

  • It will make you safer on the bike.
  • It will improve your skill/speed over time.
  • It saves more energy.

What if keeping good form is hard from lack of strength?

  • Ride more and work on it every time you ride.
  • Or do off the bike training. I lacked a lot of muscle and it was difficult to stand and keep position riding up hills. Off the bike training, fixed that.

How do I work on form when practicing?

Take the time to stand up only. I like to finish my session off with 10 minutes straight of standing only. While doing this, I make sure I am standing on my toes and gripping the bike as tight as I can with my legs. I practice hip hinging on and off the bike. If you are comfortable enough to do it on the bike, work on it off the bike a few times a day


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