Pre Race Rituals

Pre Race Rituals

How many of you follow a specific routine before a race? It could be the time and what you eat, stretching or warming up, supplements, getting pumped up or trying to chill out. To ensure you are preforming about your best, there is certain things I feel like everyone should be doing.

First off, EAT!! If you do not have a heart rate monitor to track the race, just know burning 1,500-2,000 calories in one race is very realistic. Lack of eating fails to fuel your body. Some people have a tough time trying to figure out what they can eat, so just play with it but never go without eating, ever! On race day, I get up earlier than most to make sure I get a good breakfast. If it is a NEPG, I will continue to snack up to 45 minutes before. In between tests, I like to eat fresh fruit, fruit bars, or fruit snacks. If I let my blood sugar get low, I feel it and I can not ride well in that condition. At a harescrabmle, I always try to eat in between practice and the race plus a big breakfast.


Next up, stretching and a warm up. This is super important in general but more important for races that do not allow practice. Walk around and get your blood moving. Then stretch some. The beforehand stretching does not need to be holding stretches for time. Its more of a fast-pace type stretch. Do some hand eye coordination warm ups, like throw a bottle in the air and catch it. As it gets closer to race time, try to get your heart rate up. I like to ride a stationary bike to do this. If you do not have one, be creative! Jumping jacks, high knees, anything that makes you breathe harder. By doing these things, it helps make sure your “warm up” is not during the first few miles of the race.

Being pumped up or chilled out really depends on your personality and how both affect you. These days, for me, being chilled out is the most beneficial. I avoid negative thoughts and scare the nerves off. Relaxed but ready.

Lastly, supplements. In one of the most physical demanding sports, it is crucial to provide yourself with the proper nutrients. With that being said, if you are interested in supplements that go hand-n-hand with dirt bikes, I highly recommend Ryno Power. I have been using Ryno Power for 3 years. I have tried all of their products and using them on race day is an absolute must for me. When I fail to not take Ryno Power, I notice it…IT IS THAT GOOD! With Ryno Power Supplements, you know what you are getting, no additives, no artificial flavors, no fillers, no aspartame, and no creatine! On race day, I take the electrolytes, endurance, carbo-fuel, and motivation before the race. After, I take recovery.

  • The electrolytes pills are important because it contains Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and antioxidants to replenish what is used when you exercise. A.KA. – Leg cramp preventative and minimizes heat fatigue.
  • The endurance pills eliminate lactic acid build up by increasing the VO2 to get more oxygen to the muscles. It will also help extend anaerobic threshold. Pretty much, you will last longer and it helps with arm pump.
  • The** *carbo-fuel*** is a tasteless powder that fuels your body. It helps you sustain energy by loading up on complex carbs. It can also help replenish Glucose levels.
  • Motivation is similar to a preworkout. I usually use this before a race but if I am really dragging, I will break out the Gladiator. Motivation enhances the mental and physical performance with an all-natural formula. Let’s just say, it gets you ready to rock-n-roll without a horrific crash and sustained energy!
  • The Gladiator is an explosive preworkout. Fuels you with ample amount of energy without a crash. I enjoy taking it before a gym workout.
  • The recovery pills contain 12 amino acids to help get your body back recovered.
  • Another great product Ryno Power makes is Hydration Fuel, it keeps you charging for hours in the dead heat of the summer. It is rich in nutrients, electrolytes, BCAA’s, Glutamine, Carbohydrates to keep you going without dehydration and lack of nutrients fatigue.
  • A new product, Mana Bar, rich in superfoods with a great taste. It is the perfect snack on race day to energize. The best part is, Mana Bar is a Ryno Power product which means no bad stuff! Featuring quality ingredients: Organic Honey, Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Sugar, Organic Almond Butter, Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Gluten-Free Rolled Oats, and Himalayan Pink Salt. Plus, it is delicious.

As you can see, I am a Ryno Power fan and believer. Their website is loaded with more information than I stated and I can give more insight also! TRY RYNO POWER AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!


Pretty much, that is what my pre-race rituals look like. Nothing too crazy but if I skip something, I notice it during the race. So, figure out what works for you and stick to it!


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