Routine Check Up on Your Dirt Bike

Routine Check Up on Your Dirt Bike

The number one way to keep a bike in good condition, is to clean it, check it, and perform maintenance. Just like how to keep yourself in good condition.

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Here is a list of our top things to check after a ride or race:

  1. Oil – Is it dirty? Is it low? Keeping fresh oil in a bike will make the engine components last a lot longer. Dirty oil makes everything else in the engine dirty.
  2. Air Filter – Does it need to be cleaned and serviced? Keeping a clean filter helps it not get clogged or dirt to accidently escape into the air boot.
  3. Brakes – Do you have brake pads left? Another tip, if you are hard on brakes, get into the habit of bleeding your brakes + good high temp fluid after every race.
  4. Bearings – Are your wheel bearings, linkage bearings, and swingarm bearings all in good shape?
  5. Tires – Is it time to replace or get another ride? If you run tubes, check PSI and make sure the valve stem is not rusty.
  6. Bolts – Are you missing bolts? Make sure everything is tight.
  7. Spokes – Make sure none or are broken. DO NOT overtighten, that will cause them to break more easily.
  8. Cables – Check over the condition of all cables.
  9. Chain, Master Link, and Sprockets – Most chain issues can be prevented. Make sure the master link is in good condition. The sprockets will start curling when it is time to replace.
  10. Coolant – Make sure it is full

Bottom line, these are all small check overs that will help your bike last longer and allow you to ride it more often with less issues. Get into this habit and log everything you do. It’s worth it in the end. A mechanical DNF stinks and missing out on epic adventures does too!


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