Should you be using VP Fuels?

Should you be using VP Fuels?

Have you removed the winter blues off of your dirt bike yet?

If you use regular pump gas, it can go bad within a few weeks. Let it sit for even longer, it could be bad news. The fuel can thicken and clog up fuel lines and anything else gas flows through in the engine. The carburetor will also most likely be gummed up and disgusting. Prevent this by draining the fuel tank or adding fuel stabilizer like Sea Foam.. Or better yet, use VP!


VP T2 is premix fuel at 40:1 and is great for two stroke dirt bikes. It has many benefits. T2 has higher octane content preventing against detonation and oxygenation to increase overall power. It can give your two stroke crisper and noticeably stronger top end power. T2 does NOT contain ethanol. This increases hours between rebuilds and extends the life of your engine. We have witnessed this first hand! Steve has took multiple Beta's apart with 60-70 hours rode by A/AA rider's and have all engine components look brand new still..most of those hours were race ones. Bottom line, T2 smells amazing burning in your two stroke dirt bike but it also lowers your long-term costs, keeping your bike in tip-top shape and makes more power than pump gas!

5gal - $73
54gal drum - $674


VP T4 is designed for four stroke engines, stock or slightly modified. It is unleaded and ethanol-free. T4 is a direct pour-in replacement for premium pump gas. While riders facing extreme conditions are forced to add octane boosters or race fuel to increase the octane of pump gas, T4’s 97 octane rating (R+M/2) provides greater protection against detonation. T4 offers 2-3% more power and better throttle response across the entire RPM range.

5gal - $73

54gal drum - $674

Bottom Line – VP Fuels give the avid rider/racer peace of mind knowing their fuel is good. It eliminates the risk of purchasing bad fuel on the road and saves more money in the long run.

If VP is not in the budget, I strongly recommend using ethanol free fuel. Ethanol likes water and ethanol-based gas draws moisture out of the air. The longer you leave ethanol based fuel sitting around the greater chance you end up with not only bad gas but bad gas mixed with water. So, always use ethanol free gas to eliminate a lot of issues. If you cannot find any ethanol free gas, try to at least purchase from a busy station to reduce the chance of moisture already in the fuel. We have even experienced, bad gas causing a hanging idle and overall make bad performance in the bike which can make intense riding or racing frustrating.

We recommend the use of VP Fuels and are an official dealer.


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