Small Town Dirt Bike Shop with Big Time Inventory

Small Town Dirt Bike Shop with Big Time Inventory

California, MO is the home of around 4,000 people including Bonecutter Off Road. Over the last 7 years, our dealership has grown to help better serve our customers. Bonecutter Off Road has been very selective with the brands we are willing to sell. Over the years, we have put many brands to our tests and narrowed the field down to the two best dirt bike and trials bike's out there, Beta and Sherco.

inventory.jpgBeing dedicated to only two brands allows the dealership to become very knowledgeable about the bikes we sell. Ever feel like you are all alone if you have a question about your bike? Need help troubleshooting? Great news, no more relying on internet forums or Facebook groups to solve your problems. Most questions or situations are easily answered by our staff. We are always happy to help and talk to our customers.

As a family of avid racers, we understand how important it is to have your bike ready before the weekend. We guarantee no races missed if you use Bonecutter Off Road as your Beta or Sherco dealership. We stock the important parts, including OEM, aftermarket, accessories, oils, etc..


Ever take your bike into your local dealer for repairs only to hear it will be several weeks before they will have parts to make repairs?? Bonecutter Off Road keeps all parts for Beta and Sherco dirt bikes IN STOCK that it would take to get your bike going


At most local harescrambles (MORE, HBGP, or MHSC) and NEPG, you can spot our box van loaded down with parts you may need if you break something on a practice lap or during a test. We tend to carry more parts particular to Beta and Sherco which give more of a reason to buy one. Have random bike issues at a race? We are willing to assist as much as we can.


We ride the bikes we sell. Currently, in use we have a variety of Beta and Sherco’s. Wanna test ride one? Reach out to one of us and we will get it set up! Confused on bike set up? Our staff, can certainly guide you to the right direction to the must have’s!

Personal Service is a priority at Bonecutter Off Road. Our sales staff want to get to know you. We find the dirt bike community is made up of great people and have become a second family to the Bonecutter’s. Getting to know you, helps us determine which bike will be best suited for you.

Bonecutter Off Road, we ride dirt bikes. We race dirt bikes. We sell dirt bikes. We work on dirt bikes. Knowledge from experience is power.



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