Solo Ride

Solo Ride

Fantastic weekend! No racing for me meant the perfect time to get the 2018 dialed in for Alabama in a few weeks. Beautiful weather, primo dirt, and by far one of the most enjoyable times riding by myself.

Once my breakfast settled Saturday, I geared up. I did not really have any plans to work on anything specific, just wanted to be on the bike.

After I finished my AM ride, I took some time to reflect on what I could do better. The first thing that came to mind was FOCUS. I really needed to be in the present moment, not letting my mind wander, or let negative thoughts creep in.

I geared back up and it was time to truly focus! Anytime my mind started to leave the now, I started to count and soon enough the concentration was back. Reflecting on the afternoon ride, I had way less fear on trying new things and overall just rode good. I sincerely enjoyed it.


Saturday night, I decided to do a night ride. A humongous rock, a wreck, broken radiator, and a bent header cut that short. I don't have a wild story, I just simply hit the rock and hit the ground. If you have never been night riding, I strongly suggest to get some Task Racing lights and give it a shot. It is so exciting and everything looks cooler in the dark.

Original plan was to do more riding on Sunday but I was not sure if my bike would be fixed. Luckily, the mechanic (my dad) is an early riser and got it all fixed up in the morning. I rode a very intense 45 minutes going back and forth between the moto track and the trails, keeping my heart rate average at 185 and a max of 199. I felt good and was riding well.


My nephew showed up and saw Aunt Tayler was riding, so of course he had hop on his bike! It was the first time he had been on the bike all year and he did wonderful. After he got really comfortable and knew which way to go, I decided to work on logs, controlled wheelies, and balance.

I will admit this was not a very fun thrilling post but I wanted to remind everyone to always think about how you could better yourself on the bike or in everyday life. Know your weaknesses and learn from it. Random thought to end this post with;



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