Talent makes you good, grit makes you great

Talent makes you good, grit makes you great

When I was in Tech School, I had an English writing assignment to choose a noun and write about this noun. I thought about it and chose grit. I knew I could easily write on this subject and tie dirt bikes into it. Every paper I wrote that year was about dirt bikes and my teacher loved it.

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*“ Grit - firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger” By Marriam Webster Dictionary*

Grit is the willingness to peruse one’s goal’s no matter how long it takes. To keep going when it gets hard. To keep chasing it when things go backwards. To fall down and get back up. To have passion for long term achievements. To keep moving forward.


Grit is not needing instant gratification. Grit is to keep working when no one is cheering or watching.

Grit is becoming stronger when you get knocked down. Grit is knowing when bad things happen, it is an opportunity to get better and not letting it happen. Grit is learning from an injury and comeback stronger than before.

Grit is when you want to quit, you don’t. When you’ve wrecked a billon times and zapped all of your energy, you dig deep and find more to keep going.

Grit is flipping upside down on a log and getting back up and doing it again. And again, until it’s easy.

Grit is to keep going when every ride or race is hard, knowing at some point, it will get easier.

Grit is riding or racing when its +90 degrees or 30 degrees.

Grit is showing up to the race when conditions are shitty and race anyway.

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Grit is facing your fears.

Grit is a combination of determination and passion and what it take’s to reach your goals.

Talent makes you good, grit makes you great.


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