Tayler's Bike Set Up

Tayler's Bike Set Up

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Everyone is unique. I trust the brands that work and help me perform at my best. So, what does my bike set up look like?

Let’s start with the handle bar area!

I’ve been using Fasst Company Flexx Bars for three years now. They get rid of the rigid feel that standard bars have. With the added comfort, perfect bend for me, and help rid of some vibration, I refuse to go without. ARC levers are impossible to brake, help my small hands grab and feel the lever better, and the melmon version allows for extra flex in the lever. ODI Emig grips feel like a hard grip but ultimately do not make my hands/wrists hurt. I never get blisters. ODI Emig grips are also lock on which means NO MORE SPINNING GRIPS! For hand guards, I use Enduro Engineering full wraps.

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Next up, exhausts! I take the OEM exhaust off to save for when I resell the bike. I choose to put a FMF Fatty on paired with FMF Powercore 2.1.

What about protection? As the years go on, I put the bare minimum needed for off road racing on. I upgrade the skid plate to Eline carbon fiber and an Obie linkage guard. I use Bullet Proof Designs radiator guards and rear disc guard. Some do not see the importance of a rear disc guard, but you are more likely to bend a rotor than you are to get a rock stuck in between it and the guard. I also upgrade from the OEM chain guide to a thicker one made by BRP. The case saver is upgraded to Enduro Engineering for better protection and easier cleaning. Plus, the handguards mentioned above. That’s it.

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I feel my most stable on the bike when using Fasst Company’s Impact Peg. The pegs are wider than OEM pegs and isolate the cleat from touching metal to metal making them absorb more vibration. The Impact Moto Peg also has the perfect tooth combo, I can remove my foot if I need to and not get "stuck".

I use the stock Beta seat foam; I actually prefer the firmness compared to a soft foam. I ditch the OEM cover and put a Seat Concepts 2.0 race ribbed seat cover on.

Bike Graphix does all my graphic kits. They are the only company who I have found that has true Beta Red not Honda red!

My current tire set up is Dunlop MX33 on the rear and a Bridgestone M59 on the front. I use Michelin Bib Mousses. They make the tires not bounce as much on the rocks and absorb some of the bigger impacts. Plus, that means no flats ever!

I get my suspension set up for me to handle 90% of the terrain I ride. I get the proper springs for my weight and have the valving tweaked to meet my needs. I am 5’2 and do currently lower my bikes 1 inch.

I keep the gearing stock. I adjust the powervalve to flush with the case and majority of the time, keep the stock jetting. I upgrade the stock cooling hoses to Samco or Boano to keep the bike cooler and eliminate the thermostat. The bike is designed a certain way so to make all this wild mods are not necessary for most rider's.

All of that gives me the best-looking bike, the best riding bike, and the most fun bike!

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