Tiger Run GNCC 2022

Tiger Run GNCC 2022

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Round 4 GNCC brought us back to South Carolina clay (same location as round 1). Mid-week rain and gorgeous weekend temperatures set us up for stellar conditions.

We headed out late Thursday night and arrived to race site mid-day Friday. I decided to bike part of the course on Friday. It does change a lot after the ATV’s race but I wanted to work on familiarizing myself with how GNCC race trail looks. After the 3-mile marker, it started to get super hilly. I am still trying to figure out this mountain bike thing and the struggle was real! There was literally a guy and his dog moving faster walking than I was riding/pushing my ebike. What I seen on the trail Friday; I knew it was going to be a super-fast one.

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Saturday, I walked a few miles during the PM ATV race. I have only watched ATV’s race a handful of times and they are absolutely insane. Two wheels, seem a lot easier to me! After the PM ATV race, I wanted to avoid those hills around 3-5 mile marker so I biked from the 7.5-11 and 1-3 miles. The track seemed to be holey and lots of square edge but the dirt conditions were great!

Sunday, GO TIME! I started on the far inside and got a great jump to the first corner but did not get slowed down enough to not take it wide. A few girls got around me and a few more in the next corner. The first few miles had a decent number of field/dusty sections. It was difficult to see. After a few miles in, I got the worst stomach cramp ever and even got sick a handful of times during the race. It was brutal! I basically just rode, wouldn’t really call it a race. I finished P8.

Great job to Steve Leivan on his 2nd place finish and Morgan Johnson on her 11th place.

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Special thanks to everyone supporting me this year!

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