What should you do if your dirt bike sits for months?

What should you do if your dirt bike sits for months?

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I’m sure this happens pretty often especially if life or injuries get in the way. Just like you, your bike gets lonely and will need some love! Letting a bike sit can be more expensive than riding it. So, what should you do before firing it back up?

First off, dig it out!

Check the seals! This includes for seals and engine seals. Fork seals can randomly start leaking. Who know?!? Maybe you put some engine work off because you knew it would be months before you could ride again.

Check and change the oil, filters, and coolant. It is always a good idea to freshen a bike up before any kind of ride. Sometimes mice can find a home in your air box and chew up your air filter. It is best to check it for any holes! Check the coolant and make sure it does not need topped off. Fresh oil and oil filter is highly recommended. Bleed your brakes and make sure they are in working order.

If you left gas in your bike, plan on getting rid of it and cleaning your carburetor unless you are using VP racing fuels. Pump gas goes bad quickly and can gum up, absorb water, and is no longer useable. Even high-quality pump gas can do this. If you know ahead of time your bike will be sitting, go ahead and put VP in it. It will save you a ton of time and money later.

Next up, get to greasing! Grease the bearings and the chain.

Check all nuts and bolts. This is something you should do after any ride anway.

If you run tubes, check the air pressure.

Make sure all controls are in working order. Look over the brakes, clutch, and the throttle. Ensure, all lines are in tact and not too tight.

Charge up the battery and make sure it is still in working condition.

Lastly, check the spark plug. It could have drawn in moisture.

Now it is time to fire it up! If all goes well, the next step is to go out and RIDE!


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