Why do I use Flexx Bars?

Why do I use Flexx Bars?

For starters, use what works!!

Fasst Company Flexx Bars take the rigid feel out of a standard bar. Have you ever hit a g-out the wrong way then causing your wrists to hurt? Flexx Bars take the harshness away from a hard hit. They are designed to take vibration out by eliminating metal to metal contact. Most importantly, Fasst Company does not sacrifice control or handling of the bike. The bike still goes where you want it, easily.


Flexx Bars are tunable to your personal preference. Different bar bends are available. I use 14-degree enduro low. Perfect bars for a short person (I’m 5’2”)! Enduro bars are 31 inches wide and the moto bars are 32 inches. All Flexx Bars come with different color elastomers to allow a rider to choose, soft, stiff, or in between. After my elbow injury, I softened up my bars to the softest option. I use blue/yellow. It makes such a huge different for me. I truly believe these bars allowed me to ride when my elbow was still tender.

The most common thing I hear from potential customers is Flexx Bars are heavy. Well, what about all that bling junk that’s on your bike? Isn’t that heavy? Off road rider with all the necessary and unnecessary guards? For the average rider, weight should not be a problem. Flexx Bars don’t feel heavy nor do they make the bike feel top heavy. We weighed a set of Flexx Bars and bar mounts vs other anti-vibration bar mounts and Protaper bars, the weight was within ounces of each other!

Do Flexx Bars help with arm pump? To be honest, I rarely get arm pump in general. If I do, it is because I am not using my legs enough. Grabbing the bike with your legs, allows you to loosen up your grip on your hands which results in a less chance of arm pump. Think about it and try it out next time you ride.

I use Flexx Bars for the added comfort. I do not feel them moving when I am riding but as soon as I jump on a bike without them, I instantly notice how rigid standard bars are. I use them because they work and they make long days easier on me.



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