Wrench Tip Wednesday: Changing Oil

Wrench Tip Wednesday: Changing Oil

Don’t neglect changing the oil in your dirt bike. It lubricates the engine and clutch. We base our oil change schedule off of hours since last changed and what kind of conditions we rode the bikes in. Also, the rider is a variable. If you know you’re hard on clutches, your transoil should be changed often. Almost always after racing and before racing again, we change the oil.

First step, gather supplies; oil, if 4T oil filter, catch pan, funnel, and tools. When it comes to choosing the oil, always take into account the manufactures recommendations and then personal preference. Beta USA recommends Motul. It is costly but the longevity of the oil itself and engine parts is worth it. On Sherco, an oil made for “wet clutches” is recommended. We have had excellent luck with Bel Ray Thumper Synthetic. We keep both brands in stock. For more info, refer to a previous blog post about the different oils out there.

Place the catch pan below the drain plug. Unscrew the oil fill cap, it will help the oil drain better. Remove the drain plug. Let all the oil drain. If a 4T remove the oil filter cover. Let the remaining oil drain. Inspect the filter for metal and dirt. Also, smell the oil. If anything out of the ordinary, consult a professional (a local shop), especially if there is metal on the filter. Put some oil on the new filter and install. Put the cover back on the filter. Refer to the manufactures guidelines on how much oil goes in the bike. Grab a funnel, lots of different styles out there but our favorite is Motion Pro brand Pro Funnel. It is fancy, has a shut off valve, graduation marks, adjustable ball pivot spout, and trimmable tip, also in stock at Bonecutter Off Road. Start filling to the proper level. Insure the oil is filled to the proper amount and install the oil filler cap. Fire the machine for a few minutes. Shut the dirt bike back off and let it set for a few minutes. Check the oil level again.


Pro tip: If your oil smells like death when drained, next time change it sooner or change the type of oil you are using.


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