Wrench Tip Wednesday: Fuel Filters

Wrench Tip Wednesday: Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters…..an important, cheap item that is often forgotten. The purpose of a fuel filter is to help the bike run cleaner. CHEAP & EASY TO INSTALL!!

A good rule of thumb, be cautious where you buy your gas. That gas station right down the road no one goes to, most likely does not have fresh, good quality fuel available. Sometimes, bad fuel may only be a factor, and other issues may still linger. Fuel tanks can get debris in it easily. A fuel tank can already have fine particles in it from getting the holes drilled to make it fit on the bike. Or even putting gas in your bike allows dirt a chance to get in.


Where does the gas go after it leaves the lines? It goes to the carb. Dirt in carburetor is not good! It can cause the jets to get clogged or cause the float to stick. Pretty much, your bike will not run or not run very well. EFI bikes, where does the gas go (no carb)? Straight to the injector. Getting dirt in that, can be expensive! Simple preventative tip, install in inline fuel filter.

Installing an inline fuel filter is easy, refer to the picture. They generally cost around $4 and work effectively. A fuel filter can get clogged, so add that your list of items to visually inspect. Also, check the fuel lines often, make sure they are still secure and not rubbing on anything, forming holes.

Short, sweet, and to the point! Install a fuel filter and save money later. EASY PEASY!


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