Wrench Tip Wednesday: Grips

Wrench Tip Wednesday: Grips

Grips are a wear item that should be replaced as needed. If you are gripping the bike more with your legs and less with your hands, the handlebar grips should last for what seems like forever!


First off, choose what type of grip you want. I use to have a problem with twisting grips. They could be glued and wired on and it I would still twist them! A few years ago, I finally decided to try lock on grips, I no longer twist grips. I use ODI EMIG lock on, they are a little harder than most grips but don’t death grip them and its not a problem. These grips also come with a new throttle tube every time they are replaced. My dad likes the Risk Racing grips, they are a little bigger than the averaged size grip. My brother prefers the Renthal Kevlar grip, they are overall a softer, tackier type grip.

If you go with grips that do not lock on, make sure you have grip glue and wire. It also helps to have safety wire pliers.

Sometimes, the old grips come right off with ease once the wire is cut off. If it doesn’t, get a knife or a razor blade and start cutting the old ones off. Once the grips are off, clean the bar and throttle tube thoroughly with contact cleaner. It is also, a good time to inspect the throttle tube for excessive wear. If it is cracked or chipped go ahead and replace it.

Get your fast hands and glue ready. Apply a small bead of glue on the inside of the grip and on the edge of the handlebars. Try to make putting the grip on in a smooth motion. Make sure the grips are in the desired position, if not you have to live with the way it is. Do not get any glue under the throttle tube. Some people prefer to not use grip glue and use spray paint. We have tried that and it seems to work about the same as the glue (still need wire). Pretty much just spray the paint on the bar and slide the grip on.

Let the glue dry completely. Install the safety wire. I recommend at least two wraps of safety wire around the grip. I use to do three, inside, middle, and outside. Safety wire pliers make this job way easier. After twisting the wire together, cut it about a quarter of an inch away from the grip. Bend the cut end down and put it under the wrap of wire. Make sure it won’t catch on your hand when riding.

Lock on grips make life EASY!! Remove the old grips by loosening the screw. New ones go on the same way except tighten. Because it comes with a new throttle tube, make sure you choose the correct cam for your bike. I just match the new ones up with what I had on already. This would also be a good time to spray Cable Life on the throttle cable.


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