Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing Handguards

Wrench Tip Wednesday: Installing Handguards

Being an off road rider usually means you will see handguards on the dirt bike. But why is that? Obviously, to protect. Handguards keep your hands and levers safe on the trails, through the trees, down the creeks, anywhere you might go on a dirt bike. I am an off road rider, so handguards are an absolute must! I prefer full wrap around ones and most do.

The following describes how to install full wrap around handguards.

Before installing, choose which style you want! For the last five years, I have used Enduro Engineering handguards and deflectors. I like the way they look and the durability. But there are so many options out there!

Start off by trimming the end of the grips off with a razor blade. This allows the inserts to go into the bars. For bar inserts, threaded ones work best! This helps handguards stay in place even during the craziest wrecks. Bullet Proof Designs or SRT both make threaded inserts. If your bars have not been previously threaded, you will need to use the tap to thread the bars. After that is finished, put the bolt through the indicated place on the handguard, insert into the tap, and start threading. Do not tighten all the way down yet.


Next up, install the handguard clamps. Enduro Engineering sells bar mounts also. If you run Flexx Bars, you will need the special mounts for those bars. Do not place the mounts where any wires or cables run. After the mounts are installed, attach the hand guard at the opposite end where it is currently unattached. Tighten this end all the way down. Go back to the grip side and tighten that down. Install the deflectors, which just screw on to the metal handguards.


All finished! Do another check to make sure the handguards are not pinching any cables or wires. Be sure to turn the bars right and left to ensure nothing unpredicted becomes pinched during your next ride!


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