Wrench Tip Wednesday: Seizing Up

Wrench Tip Wednesday: Seizing Up

Lets talk anti-seize…. What the heck? Anti-seize is a grease like paste containing high concentrations of copper, nickel, aluminum, graphite, and molybdenum and helps prevent galvanic corrosion when unlike metals are joined together. It helps resist heat and moisture and will definitely help ease removal.


This product is perfect to use on chain adjusters and all plastic bolts, especially ones in the tank area. Think about all the places on a dirt bike galvanic corrosion can take place.. what about the water pump bolts? Light bulb moment, steel and aluminum meeting together in an area that holds “water”. Anti-seize will help prevent all the corrosion that could be happening in there. Another key place is the motor mount bolts. Apply anti-seize to the bolt and blue Loctite to the nut. All of these are key places that would not be good to strip out from a stuck bolt.

Fun fact, from the factory, Sherco’s come with anti-seize already applied to the specific bolts that need it. Anytime you are working on your bike, always re-apply anti-seize just like you would Loctite.

Great news! Anti-seize is way cheaper than replacing broken bolts and repairing stripped threads. But beware it can be messy so don’t go lathering up in it. Keep in mind, Loctite has its place and anti-seize is just as important!


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