Fasst Company Flexx Bars 5 Year Anniversary

This month was my 5 year anniversary using Fasst Company Flexx Bars 🫶🏻

I made the switch from standard bars 5 years ago & never looked back. I was one of those people who just used whatever came on whatever I was riding. I experienced a lot of wrist pain when riding up until I switched. I’m a firm believer Flexx Bars help soften impacts. When I ride with standard bars, they feel too rigid like there is no give and I have more fatigue in my hands/wrists.

Flexx bars are designed to reduce vibration with the use of rubber elastomers which help with arm pump, fatigue, and takes away the harsh pounding to the upper body. It can also help with arm pump or sensitive injuries. I run my Flexx bars ultra soft which allows for more give during impacts or bumps.

I’m super thankful for Fasst Company and having the pleasure to work with them over the years.

We are a dealer for Flexx Bars so if you’re in the market or have questions, let me know!

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