Cherokee National Enduro 2023

Cherokee NEPG has been one of my top favorites to go to. It’s usually one of the tighter more turny rounds on the circuit.

This year rain was in the forecast. I welcomed it with a big smile. You don’t get to the choose the elements and one of the biggest things I have learned this year is embracing the rain, makes it more fun.

The rain held off for the first two tests. We did receive some sprinkles but nothing crazy. It was hard to tell what was slick and what wasn’t. Towards the end of test 3, the rain came… and it didn’t stop. Test 4 was a little slippery but overall not bad. Test 5 was a giant puddle. The rain poured. It was fun. I had fun. I wrecked one time all day and it was in test 5 on a slick root. I rode really well in the conditions compared to recent mud/rain races. I finished the day 6th in Women’s Elite.

Massive thanks to the Harris’ and Hamilton’s for hauling my gas and snacks!

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