Dragon’s Back NEPG 2023

I look forward to this round every year. The dirt is good, the terrain is a touch technical, and the views are incredible. Rain was in the forecast for Saturday which was a bummer. That hard pack clay gets very slippery when wet. It didn’t look like it would be a lot of rain though. But it was. It down poured hard multiple times. It had to of rain at least 2 inches. I wasn’t sure what to really expect other than it would very slick.

The first test was extremely slick but showed the day was not going to be a mudder. My throttle was sticking majority of that test and again in test 2. I got my pit help to assist me with trying to fix it. We got it better but it would still catch at random. That left me very paranoid and never could get a good flow. The most memorable part of the trails were two things, epic field sections and 5 million logs. Not small one’s but some decent sized ones. I finished P6 in women’s elite.

I wanna give a big shoutout to one of the rider’s our shop is assisting this year on a stellar ride, Thorn Devlin finished 1st in Pro 2 and 7th overall!

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