Wild Boar & The General GNCC

It has been a crazy few weeks! Thursday night before Florida GNCC, I started the long trek to Palatka (15 hour drive). It took me 24 hours to arrive to race site after stops and sleeping and man, I was ready to be out of a vehicle. Florida is my happy place, I love the sunshine, the warm weather, and THE SAND.

Conditions were looking to be ultra dry but luckily rain came in Saturday afternoon making conditions not near as bad. I had a top 3 start but fell back to 5th in the woods. I battled with 4th and 6th most of the first lap. I continued to battle with 6th the entire race. By lap 3, the whoops were getting pretty big. I found myself in the roughest lines trying to make passes and hold down 5th. I ended up making it onto the lead lap and had to stop for fuel. Almost ran out but fortunately my pit crew was on top of it. Last lap was brutal, track was getting rough, and there were moments where I was hating it. I just told myself “Nah, you love sand”. I ended up being on the bike for 2 hours and 42 minutes finishing P5 and a person best with a 96th overall. It was a glorious race in the sandbox. I was pretty tired after my race but I was on bottle duty for a few friend in the PM race. Team work makes the dream work.

I stayed south the week between Florida and Georgia. I spent a few days at the beach with some good friends. I then made my way to the Shoals, so I could ride. Wednesday night, I dropped a canopy on my foot. All I knew was I could hardly walk. Friday rolls around and my foot is swollen and bruised. I decided to have DR. Tanner look at it. He has a portable X-Ray machine he brings to all the races. I am super thankful for him and his crew being there for the racer’s. His mission is donation funded. My foot is not broke but possible fracture. No matter what, I was racing Sunday, it is just a foot.

Sunday was looking like it was going to be a mudder. Rain was forecasted for Sunday.. and it happened. This was one of the wettest and muddiest races I have done. It was an absolute blast though. You never knew if the hole was going to be a foot deep or a bike swallower. For the most part, I guessed correctly and did not get stuck majorly. I finished 5th in my class. I was happy with my finish and how I rode. My foot did not feel great, but shit happens.

I am super thankful for everyone in my corner and making the racing happen!

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